This part of the Heritage Group is not yet fully functioning due to lack of volunteers.

One of our previous aims was to set up a youth club for the village. Although we did not achieve this, we did donate £550 to the formation of Fradley Youth Club, which is run by a separate group of volunteers. We will continue to support this group, as it is providing a vital role in the social well-being of many of the villages’ youths.

Some of the projects that could be set up and supported by the Heritage Group could include:

  • Tackling loneliness amongst the elderly members of the village and supporting them in various ways
  • Library service
  • Facilitating the installation of play equipment and outdoor fitness equipment around the village
  • Facilitating the re-instatement of our Village Fete

We would also like to support the large number of uniformed groups in the village (i.e Rainbows, Beavers, Scouts etc.), St. Stephens Church and St. Stephens School.

Uniformed Groups

The uniformed groups in the village, including Beavers, Rainbows through the Venture Scouts etc. have no connection with Fradley Heritage Group, however, we fully support them. We believe that they offer children massive benefits and inspire community awareness and working in the community. We look forward to working closer with the uniformed groups as Fradley Cultural Society develops.

Youth Club

We are in the process of setting up a youth club in the village. It is likely to be held in Fradley Youth & Community Hall on Friday evenings for children aged 11-14 years. We would encourage you to ask children of this age, to fill in the brief questionnaire at:   so that we can understand what children want from the youth club.

If you can help in any way, or donate any sports equipment/games that we could use, then we would be very grateful. Please contact us