Rollo Roy Stephen Sharpe.  On Enlistment into the Royal Australian Air Force 19th July 1942

Rollo Roy Stephen Sharpe was born in Plymouth 11th October 1923.  His Father was Richard Rollo Sharpe and his mother was Florence Louisa (Pascho).  They lived at 29, Cornwall Street Davenport.  On 31st January 1924 the family departed from Plymouth for Albany, Western Australia on the Steamship “TSS Sophocles”, a ship of the Aberdeen Line.  They travelled 3rd Class.  An adult 3rd Class ticket then cost £36.  The ship travelled via Cape Town to Australia.  Then emigrating to Australia were:

  • Richard Rollo Sharpe.  No occupation given.
  • Florence Louisa Sharpe. Wife
  • Rollo Roy Stephen Sharpe. Son
  • Joan Florence Sharpe.  Daughter
  • Alfred Colin Pascho.  Son
  • Dorothy Pascho.  Daughter